Knowledge is Power.

If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any”
— Diana Korte

BRAIN is a great acronym to use to help remember questions to ask when presented with medical procedures, interventions and alterations that differ from your original birth plan.  

These simple questions will make it much easier to gain knowledge, confidence, reduce stress, and slow the room down when procedures are presented at your birth that you are unsure of allowing you to make informed decisions that you feel positive about. 

Take a deep breath and slow down. Remind yourself of your birth hopes and ask any questions you or your birth supports may have about what is being presented to you.

B: What are the potential Benefits to me and my baby?

R: What are the potential Risks to me and my baby?

A: What non intrusive Alternatives can I try first (change in position, new environment)

I: Intuition. What does my gut say?

N: Does this need to happen Now? What would happen if I do Nothing?

Outside of emergencies there is always the opportunity to honour the gift of time. Whether this is seconds to simply catch your breath, minutes to talk things over with your supports privately or hours to see if things change on their own. Time is your greatest ally in birth.