Healing Herbal Bath

Both you and your sweet new babe can be nurtured from the healing benefits of an herbal bath. A postpartum herbal bath is simply an all natural mixture of epsom salts and botanicals mixed into warm water within your bath tub at home. This mixture is special designed to help reduce swelling, ease muscle tension, speed up healing of any tearing and encourage your baby’s cord stump to detach. By co bathing in an herbal bath you are also continuing to gently nourish the bond between you and your new little love. 


Simple Postpartum Herbal Bath Recipe:


1 cup epsom salts

1 teaspoon of baking soda

1/2 of dried lavender flowers

1/2 cup of dried calendula flowers

1/2 cup of dried red raspberry leaf 


This will make approximately 3 cups equivalent to 3 baths


Place 1 cup of your mixed herbal bath into a bath tub filled between 1/2-3/4 of the way full moving the mixture around to fully dissolve in the warm water. Test the temperature of the water using the inside part of your wrist ensuring its a lovely warm temperature you will feel comfortable in while still protecting your baby’s sensitive new skin. Once you are ready get into the tub, with the help of your partner/doula place your baby along your legs or within your arms ensuring their core is submerged while their head is well above water. With the warmth and familiarity of your body most babies really love their time in an herbal bath either drifting off to sleep, alertly soaking in their new world or opting to nurse while absorbing the benefits of this new environment. With their umbilical cord still attached try to limit your baby’s time in the bath to 10-20 minutes but we highly recommend you take the time after your baby has been passed along to get dry off to continue to soak in the tub providing your body with the nutrients to heal and your mind the time to absorb and enjoy all of the incredible things that are happening around and within you. Wash, rinse and repeat often! Your body, mind and baby will thank you.