The Clitoring. Be still my heart

I stumbled upon this beauty designed and created by PenelopiJones through one of the many amazing ladies I follow on instagram and have been coveting it ever since. It's as beautiful in its creation as it is in its design simply but whimsically replicating the anatomically correct form of the internal clitoris. 

Our jewelry is inspired by the form of the newly rediscovered internal clitoris. The sensitive little button at the top of a woman’s vagina is just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath the surface is vastly more complex and fascinating. It contains eight thousand nerve endings at its tip that permeate throughout the vulva suggesting that even vaginal orgasms are technically “clitoral.” Over a lifetime the clitoris can increase in sensitivity and size seven times. The arm-like appendages are the the “crura,” they form a wishbone shape that we like to think of as a tuning fork, a device for sending and receiving vibrational energy, possibly for exploring the resonant structure of the universe
— PenelopiJones

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Lets celebrate this much loved part of our anatomy every way we can!