How to fuel a healthy plant based pregnancy: Guest post by the lovely Natalie Prhat, Holistic Nutritionist


Natalie Prhat is a Holistic Nutritionists, mother to two incredible gals and just an overall shining light. She is passionate about nutrition and its impact on our overall well being. She specializes in vegan nutrition and is here to share how to nourish both yourself and your baby during pregnancy the vegan way.  Thank you Nat!!

Are you pregnant and freaked out about what to feed your baby breeding body?
Take a deep breathe.
You are going to be fine.
Since the 80's and 90's massive progress in pregnancy has been made.  The connection between nutrition and the health of the baby was indeed foggy. Thankfully that view has shifted and today women understand that good nutrition has benefits and what they eat, their baby is eating too. Proper pre-natal fuel will make a world of a difference to you and your budding new bestie's happiness, health and nourishment. Here's how to make it happen:

Get more folate, calcium, vitamin D and protein than the rest of us. Pregnant women require more
of it because these things do not self replenish and as the pregnant women of the 80's and 90's would remind you, you are now eating for two. Plant nutrients is the number one source of these nutrients.

Here's what to eat to increase your caloric intake for pregnancy: Eat avocados, walnuts and hemp
hearts. Those are a few examples of high quality fats that pack a nutritional punch.
Advice for pre-natal protein: An abundance of protein is found in cooked quinoa, teff, brazil nuts,
spirulina and chickpeas and will have you feeling glowingly great. They are also high alkalizing foods that are non hybrid so the quality of the bioavailable nutrient are far surperior. Adding foods like teff to your diet while pregnant will add significant value to your daily vitamin and mineral requirement. Teff is a high protein food packed with fibre, iron, manganese and calcium to name a few. Plus teff is seriously delicious. Eating foods from the plant kingdom is also very fun and offers a ton of variety. Get your daily dose of B12. If you are not eating foods with fortified with B12, speak to a naturopath who can help you properly supplement.
Create plant based replacements for all your favourite foods. There are a plethora of creulty free
concoctions on my instagram page, @naturalienat. You'll be eating these meals a lot so give your body and your baby the tender loving nutrition they need. To start, chickpea flour is a perfect replacement for eggs (mixing equal parts of water to flour and seasoning it the way you like your eggs seasoned will create the perfect egg consistency). Vegan does not mean mock meats and tofu everything. It really is so easy to put together plant inspired dishes filled with flavour and fun. For real.

*Giving your body the highest quality nutrients is the best way to ensure your healthiest and happiest pregnancy.

Visit my website for more information and recipes for healthy eating.

Natalie Prhat, Holistic Nutritionist