Why Delay Cord Clamping

image by Monet Nicole Photography

image by Monet Nicole Photography

Delayed cord clamping/cutting is a simple way to gently transition your baby from their internal uterine world to their external uterine world. Delayed cord clamping is allowing the cord to continue to pump oxygen and nutrient rich blood from the placenta to your baby via the umbilical cord for 2-5 minutes, until it stops pulsating or by never cutting it all. This simple step can increase a newborns blood volume by over 30%, decrease their risk for anemia, increase their red blood cells, stem cells and immune cells and reduce interference to both the mother and babe as they transition between two worlds. 

What are your options if you would like to delay cord clamping/cutting:

1) Delay clamping/cutting for 2-5 minutes which is the time in which the majority of the blood flow from the placenta will pass through the umbilical cord providing your baby with the majority of the above benefits

2)Delay cord clamping/cutting until the cord stops pulsating and turns from a beautiful blue/purple to white. This is visual proof that the all of the blood from the placenta has passed through the cord and has reached your sweet baby. This can take any where from a few minutes to a few hours.

3)Never clamp/cut the cord. Allowing for a lotus birth in which you naturally allow the cord to detach from your baby leaving the umbilical cord and placenta in tact. This usually occurs within 3-10 days after birth and ensures all of the benefits of the placenta reach your sweet baby without interferance. 

Which ever you choose to do include it in your birth hopes and reconfirm your wishes (or have your supports confirm as you will be a touch busy :) ) at the time of delivery.