When "No" is often the right answer

There really is nothing quite like the excitement of a new baby. The desire for those around you to be a part of the experience to hear, see and touch your new baby almost immediately after birth is strong. The text, phone calls and hopes for a visit will begin as soon as the announcement is made and although for some this is lovely for others and often most this can be overwhelming and exhausting. Labour is called labour for a reason, its hard work. You have worked hard to grow your baby and even harder to birth them. As your body heals, shifts back into place and nourishes your new babe honour and unapologetically take the time to move slowly. Feel free to say no more times then you say yes to visitors, social events and day to day expectations and say yes more times then you say no to extra help. The visits will happen, the outings will occur and routines will settle in all in due time. For now as you and your baby get to know one another feel free to say no to the outside world and yes to your sweet intimate new world.