Breastfeeding Support: How a partner can help

Photo by Pomegranate and seeds

Photo by Pomegranate and seeds

A partners support while breastfeeding whether its hands on, emotional or simply a presence while you nurse can dramatically and positively transform your breastfeeding experience. Here are a few ways that a partner or any other support person can support your breastfeeding journey

1) Hands on support: The first few weeks of breastfeeding can feel like navigating through unchartered territory. Positioning your baby and positioning your breast all while ensuring your tender bottom is in the right position and your baby is latching properly can feel like a juggling act. An extra set of hands to help position your baby or hold your breast ready to latch can make each feed feel much more manageable and enjoyable in those early days. You will quickly get the hang of it all but don't hesitate to ask or accept help in those early days.

2) Emotional Support: Studies have shown that when both parents are in support of breastfeeding they have higher success rates. Going further then being on the same page the emotional daily support, reassurance, and cheers from your partner can help to motivate, increase confidence and solidify your breastfeeding journey. "You are amazing! Look at how sweet and chubby our baby is getting!! Thank you for feeding our baby!!! ......  now I'm off to cook you a healthy hearty meal, get you a glass of water and tackle the laundry" 

3) A presence: Breastfeeding can be really lovely but it also requires a lot of time spent in one place. This can feel isolating at times. Having someone cuddle up on the bed or couch beside you can make such a difference. Someone to chat with while you nurse will help bring the outside world back into your little nest. 

Although you have the boobs breastfeeding can still be a joint journey. A united front growing your sweet babe together.