The Power of Positive Birth Stories

Birth is unchartered territory for many women and with many unknowns come many unnecessary fears. Inviting and listening to positive birth stories in all of births beautiful forms is one of the easiest and most peaceful ways to educate and empower yourself as you eagerly wait for your own positive birth experience to unfold.

These stories can be close to your heart. Your friends, siblings, neighbours birth stories or even your mothers story of her birth with you. Or they can be farther reaching through books, blogs and podcasts. Invite them, learn from them and get excited about the birth story you will soon be able to share. 

Podcasts we love:

The Longest Shortest Time: 

The Birth Hour:

Positive Birth books we love:

Great Expectations 24 true stories about childbirth: (I read and loved this inclusive Canadian based book in preparation for my first birth) 



Positive birth stories are stories of support and love. Where informed decisions were made and empowered experience occurred even when they varied from original expectations. These are stories of birth in all of births beautiful forms.

"Positive birth stories only please. My baby is listening"