Where ever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.
— Ina May Gaskin

Studies have shown that when a Doula is present, labours tend to be shorter with less need for medical interventions and overall greater maternal satisfaction. Doulas also assist in creating a more relaxed postpartum environment which enhances the mother-infant bond, encourages and eases breastfeeding as well as family adjustments.


Birth Doula Services

Our role as a Doula at your birth is to provide continuous informed and supportive care to create the most positive birth experience possible.

Leading up to your birth we will meet twice to establish a birth plan highlighting your hopes for a positive birth experience, practice various comfort measures and positions to labour in, normalize the birth process and prepare you for the early days of life with a newborn . We will also build our mutual trust to feel confident and secure in your supports during your labour and delivery. We will also be available by phone, text and email to answer any questions or concerns you may have during your pregnancy.

Once labour is established we provide continuous care beginning in your residence or in the hospital. We provide hands on physical and emotional support throughout your labour and delivery by encouraging, informing, motivating, and aiding in your comforts all the while striving to meet your hopes for a positive birth experience. Once your little one/ones have joined us earth side we will continue to provide ongoing support for 2-3 hours postpartum to ensure feeding has been established and that both you and your newborn/s are adjusting and bonding well.

Finally, we will provide a postpartum visit at your residence to process your birth experience, support and aid in breastfeeding and/or formula feeding, support and aid in newborn care and also to ensure that everyone is adjusting well to their new family life. 

Packages outlined below



2 Prenatal appointments 2-3 hours each to establish your birth hopes, practice comfort measures, explain and normalize the birth process, practice breastfeeding/bottle feeding techniques and newborn care in preparation for your transition to life with a new baby as well as get to know each other better 

Support for entire duration of labour, including 2 to 3 hours post-delivery support.

1 Postpartum visit 2-3 hours to support breastfeeding/formula feeding, aid in infant care and postpartum care and ease your transition into parenthood 

Back up Doula support in the rare event your primary doula is unavailable

24 hour availability via phone, text or email from agreement to one month postpartum for     any questions you may have about your pregnancy, birth and postpartum transition


Birth and Extended Postpartum Support Package: $1650

All of the above care of having a doulas support through your pregnancy and birth as well as 12 postpartum hours of support to ease your postpartum recovery, aid in newborn care and feeding as well as ensure your home is running smoothly and that you are adjusting well to life with a new little one.