For my third pregnancy, I enlisted the help of the Jo as I wanted to be more informed and involved in the labour and delivery of my baby. After two less than ideal hospital births I chose to have Jo present at this birth; I honestly wish I could go back in time and have her support me through the deliveries of my first two children. It’s impossible to truly describe how wonderful the experience was with Jo there to guide me through my labour by supporting and empowering me. With her love and support, I was able to deliver this baby in a calm, peaceful setting without pain medication - something I never thought I would be able to do. It was a wonderful experience thanks to Born Doulas. I love them so much.
— Alison and Cam
I consider myself a “tough gal” but nothing you read or do can prepare you for the exact feeling of labour and birth. When I look back on that day I think of my doula Jo. I won’t say I was “lucky” to have my textbook birth, because without her I’m not sure how the day would have unfolded. I was able to stick to my birth plan and deliver all natural. I recall moments where I was in and out of consciousness and Jo was advocating for my baby and body. Her presence was invaluable.

The most lovely thing about her is her intuition and connection with female magic. Pre birth sessions were informative. I watched as our relationship began to grow. When baby decided to join us I laboured at home for several hours in her care. My trust in her and her knowledge of the rhythm of birth allowed me to remain in a comfortable place setting the tone for the day.

The intimacy between us shone through when I embraced her through deep painful contractions, she sprayed warm water to soothe me in the shower, and I held her hand and took cues from her through the pushes. She kept me focused and mentally strong. She helped guide me to a powerful place within myself I had never seen before.

I forgot to mention my wonderful and supportive husband was also there through it all. He had the most rewarding experience and told the tale for weeks after. He surprised me and even caught our son, cut the cord, and did skin to skin right after birth. Without Jo taking the pressure off the unknown for him, keeping him focused on the best ways to support me, I know he would not have had the courage to be so involved. Her services benefited him as much as me.

The most special time we shared was the home visit after birth. It was cathartic to go over my view of the day and have her fill in the blanks. Both my husband and I were touched and teary when she showed us a video of the first moments of our sons life she discreetly filmed. There are so many emotions flowing after the exhausting delivery you aren’t able to recall that first look at your child. The short video meant the world to us.

As you prepare to have a child consider the investment you will make in their lives. The investment of a doula is so small considering the level of support they provide. I have since, and will continue to, tell everyone to get a doula. It was the greatest gift for myself and my family. I hope the stars will align and when we have our next child Jo will be there again. I cannot imagine the moment without her.

— Devon
Rachel is one of the warmest people I’ve ever met. She was responsive and extremely supportive during this new transition - she met us at the hospital for pick up, dropped the capsules off at my home and even checked in with me afterwards to see how I was healing and managing overall as a new mum. The placenta print was something unique and loved that she offered that as part of the package; it’s nicely framed and sits perfectly in our sons nursery. She’s simply wonderful and I continuously recommend friends to her.
— Natalie
We first met Jo in a little coffee shop in our neighbourhood. My immediate impression was that she was a person that I would be comfortable having with me while I was in labour.

We met with Jo twice in the weeks leading up to the birth. During the second meeting we went through techniques for relieving pain during labour. Of course, I ended up having a fast labour that ramped up during rush hour. As we waited for Jo and our midwife to arrive at my husband was able to calmly help me deal with the pain because we had practiced so many techniques with Jo during her visits. Even so, we were glad to see Jo. She was able to deal with every new thing that arose and assure us that what was going on was normal.

At the hospital Jo worked with my husband to ensure that I was as comfortable as possible and remained hydrated. I hardly heard them say a word to each other but they were an extremely effective team. Jo helped me through each contraction by putting pressure on my hips while I gripped my husband’s hands for support. It was wonderful to have a Doula because she was able to focus on how I was coping while the midwives had a lot of other things that needed their attention.

I found pushing extremely painful and there was very little anyone could do to make me feel more comfortable but I had a lot of encouragement between pushes, which helped me get through them. My 10lb son came into the world with no medication and no interventions thanks to my wonderful birth team. He had the best start possible in life.

After the birth I felt a little like I was in shock. I had this beautiful new life in my arms but I had just experienced the most pain I had ever felt and needed a lot of stitching. Jo stayed with me while I was stitched up, normalized and explained all the new sensations I was feeling in my body and made sure we understood all angles of the decisions we were required to make after the birth.

As I looked back on our birth experience it seems almost magical. A perfect example of how when a group of people who believe in the power of women’s bodies are in the same room new life can enter the world just as it always has. I can’t imagine having another baby without Jo by my side.
— Annelise and Kyle
Jo is exactly what every family needs during any or all stages of a pregnancy. Regardless
of whether it’s a first, second or last pregnancy, Jo is a calming and knowledgeable resource to
help with expectations and provide support in all aspects of the birthing experience.

Jo was our doula for my second pregnancy. Within seconds of speaking with her, there was no
doubt that we were in good hands and any fear that I felt with the decision I made to have a
natural delivery was lifted. From the first point of contact, she clarified her role, answered all our
questions, helped us understand possible delivery experiences we may have and provided us with
books to help us further educate and understand expectations. During our prenatal meetings,
she showed me positions for better pain management and taught us everything we needed to
know since we literally had no idea what we were walking into with a natural delivery.

Upon the first signs of labour, Jo came over immediately to help me manage the coming stages
of contractions. She was constantly by my side, timing contractions and making sure I was
comfortable, advising me of positions to help deal with the pain. She was also there to remind
me to keep hydrated and feed me food to keep my energy up. From the drive to the hospital
and throughout the chaos in the birthing room, Jo was a calming force for my husband and I.
My husband was grateful for her presence and support. And despite times where I felt
frustrated and confused, Jo kept our strength up and she never lost focus. She helped me
manage the pain while I went from 3cm to 10 cm fully dilated without medication as her
soothing words and counter-pressure massages were critical for pain management.

Upon experiencing complications in my delivery, Jo was there to help us decide on next step
options to ensure a safe delivery for our baby. Once our baby was born, Jo ensured that I was
the first one to hold my beautiful baby boy, followed by my husband, which I do believe helped
foster that special bond we have today. As Jo said, life presents us with a miraculous body
that’s able to produce babies and to have felt what my body is capable of doing was something
that I could have not done without Jo.
And despite all the hustle and bustle of that day, Jo managed to capture the beauty of the
experience with amazing photos. This special birthing experience is something we will treasure
forever. Thank you, Jo, for all your commitment, support and love throughout our birth.

For anyone considering a doula you should consider someone who truly cares
about you, understand the woman’s body and is passionate about life and children – that is
exactly what Jo is all about and we were very lucky to have her in our lives. Truly a blessing.

With all our love and sincere thanks
— Darlyn and Mac
I was very Lucky to have Rachel’s warm, calm, and ready support. She has a real gift for empathy that made her invaluable during my second pregnancy
— Anna